An Unlikely Pair in Love

High school is an interesting time. You meet some good people. You meet some bad people. You meet people and never think they will cross your path again…. then they do! That’s exactly what happened with the young man, Cory, in these photos (below). He was always sweet, confident, and generally got along with everyone. When he reached out to me to take photos for his girlfriend’s baby shower I was a little shock and ecstatic! Then I began to communicate with his girlfriend, Ashley, and I fell in love with this couple instantly! They have such a love and respect for one another. Also, even though we all lived in Savannah for most of our lives, it wasn’t until they joined an online dating site that their paths crossed. Even after the first conversation, Ashley was reluctant. LOL But Cory’s sweet demeanor, confidence, and intelligence won her over (Go Cory! lol). He definitely found himself a winner! The little I know about Ashley, I know she’s smart, funny, well organized, and she took a chance on me to do her Maternity Photos. Let’s not even mention that Ash and I went to the same elementary school. Only God knew this encounter was going to happen. It’s funny how he directs our path. No matter how we stumble, fall or fly, we’re all going somewhere. It’s nice to know that it’s not all in vain and things like companionship, purpose, careers, and ministry are all in His plan (even if we don’t see it). Congrats y’all!

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