Black Lives DON’T Matter

Calm down, calm down and don’t get your panties in a bunch by the title of this blog. I am a black american woman and I know that black lives matter just as much as any other race group. But in the current rise of attention to police brutality towards people of color, it has been made very clear that racism does exist, and that America has a corrupt policing, judicial, economic, and educational system for anyone who is not a white male. Thus, it has repeatedly express to these oppressed groups that their lives, rights, and pursuits of happiness do not, nor have ever, matter as much as their white counterparts.

So we all know the issues. That’s all very redundant at this point. Especially for a person like me, who has known this my whole life. Now, however, we are in a peculiar situation where others are now having it smeared in there faces. Now, there is no way to sweep this issue under rug, IF WE DON’T LET IT! Many people want answers on how to fix the issue. Many people claim to have the answers. I believe their is no 1 answer or 2 or 5 or 10 either. But this blog is not to give you my opinions. There’s enough valid points on the internet. What I want to do it is encourage you.

If you are hurt, if you are sad, if you’re furious, if you are weighed down, if you are tired, if you are sick of it all, if you want it all to stop, if you are ready to fight, if you’re ready for war, if you just want peace… I need you to know this:

You Do Matter.

You were created for a purpose that only YOU can accomplish. If you are  not sure what that is, consult with your creator. Your contribution to this world, this life, your community, your job, your family, yourself (whether you think it’s big or small) is extremely important and necessary. If you don’t learn anything out of the #blacklivesmatter movement, know this: through hard work, strategy, persistence, self healing, self worth, vigilant prayer, and sacrifice did African American Citizens get from being sold as livestock to being the President of the United States. When we heal from our past and recognize our worth we, the human race, are capable of EVERYTHING!


I went to a peaceful protest and here are the images I took.



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