Have you Met a LifeSaver Today?

Have you met a life saver today? I did! While driving in Norcross, GA from a lunch date, my eyes caught a peculiar RV parked in an office parking lot. A little voice inside me told me to turn around and go check it out, but a bigger voice told me to go home (and do nothing). I thought. “What am I going to say to these people?” “Why am I being a punk?” “Are they going to look at me crazy???” After driving around twice, I finally decided that being in my comfort zone would never get me anywhere! So I grabbed my camera and my smile and walked onto the bus. The outside said Life South Community Blood Centers and it said in all caps GIVE BLOOD SAVES LIVES! So needless to say, I wanted to find out more.

As I stepped on the bus, I was greeted by 3 smiles that were standing up and 1 smile that was sitting down. A loud “Heeeeey” came out of one of the standing smiles. I was still nervous but a cheerful smile walked up to me and welcomed me in. This cheerful smile came from a lady named Lisa.

Lisa – A real life LIFESAVER with LifeSouth.org.

I told Lisa about my blog and how I was a photographer looking to find out more about her organization. She gave me a run down about how they are a non profit organization that goes around the city and looks for volunteers who want to donate blood. The blood they collect, helps people and even saves lives! I was excited to be there. I asked everyone if it was ok to take pictures and everyone approved. After I took pictures, another standing smile named Mr. Larry asked if I was going to give blood.

Larry – A real life LIFESAVER with LifeSouth.org.

I quickly said NO THANK YOU! lol I have had some horrific experience giving blood; but Mr. Larry was not having it. He proceeded to tell me that the experience isn’t bad and about how I would be helping others. The one sitting smile came from a visitor named Matthew, who told me that it was great and the nurses knew what they were doing!

Matthew – A real life LIFESAVER giving blood to LifeSouth.org
Elizabeth Taylor – A real life LIFESAVER with LifeSouth.org.

So I decided to do it. Reluctantly, I sat with the last standing smile, Elizabeth Taylor, (yes that’s her real name lol) and she took samples of my blood to test the iron levels and asked me questions about my travel, relations, and drug use history. I learned that I was living a safe boring life (BUT IM OK WITH THAT!) I passed the pre screening and I was ready to give. The nurses made me feel comfortable and kept me distracted from the needle. It took less than 1 second for them to find my vein and begin to draw blood. It didn’t hurt either! I sat relaxed and had a wonderful conversation.

I gave blood! It didn’t suck!


Once I was finished, I was given a gatorade, Nutter Butter Cookies, a T-shirt, umbrella and 3 new friends! I can’t vouch for all of the Life South buses and employees but if they are anything like the ones I met, please go and participate! Go meet some cool LIFESAVERS and be a cool LIFESAVER! If you want to find out more about the Life South organization, want to schedule them to visit your office or organization, or want to see where they will be next, PLEASE visit the website HERE.

The Crew – LIFESAVERS with LifeSouth.org and volunteer


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