Personal Trainer John Branding Shoot

Many people want to be in shape but lack the will power to do. This statement does not apply to personal trainer John Asanga, an aspiring personal trainer and inspirational speaker. While shooting, I found him to very stern and firm in his posing but once we loosened him up, he was able to really show his personality, which is going to help him relate to his audience. Resigning in Atlanta, GA he is the first black, male vegan under the age of 30 that I’ve ever met and he’s passionate about what he does. Not only does he practice what he preaches he also motivates the youth along the way. It was interesting getting to learn about the things he cares about and figuring out the best way to market his brand. Along with photo shoot, we also put together a calendar with nutritional facts. Personal training is a crucial decision one makes when determining if they need a little extra push to personal fitness. Now if only I could jump on the bandwagon!

Push ups with personal trainer John


When Your back is against the wall

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