The Magic of Maternity

I was fortunate to capture this precious moment of a good friend of mine. She is having a little girl and it’s making her grow up and become a woman! I didn’t know that I would love maternity shoots as much as I do. They literally take my breath away. The main thing is make sure the mother to be is comfortable, feels beautiful, and sees her vision come to life. So many mishaps led up to this photo shoot but when the camera started clicking, all of those things melted away. This young mother let her guard down and embraced the concept of carrying a tiny miracle. We laughed and talked and laughed some more. If you are pregnant and live in the Metro Atlanta, GA area, I would love to be apart of your special moment.


Ultra Maternity Shoot
Jasmine 15
Shadows in Motherhood


Jasmine 3
Pregnant Laughter

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