The Adventures of Jalisio & Kaylo

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do two things I love: Visit my family and photography! I traveled to Savannah, GA to for a Graduation photo shoot (coming soon) with an old classmate on the campus of Armstrong Atlantic University. She wanted to bring her 4 year old with her so I thought it would be ok to bring my 8 years old and and my 13 years old nieces with me. I was able to show and explain to them what auntie has been up too. They highly enjoyed being my assistants and stand-in models for the day. After a stern lecture about how they had to behave on this trip, we quickly jump right into work. With little instruction, they were quick to find the best spots with enough shade (the sun was high due to the photo shoot starting around 10:30am). They offered helpful suggestions and made the experience enjoyable. I felt proud to be their auntie because I was able to see how they used their intellect, charisma, and spontaneity! (All of which will help them go far in life).

This experience reminded me what it meant to grow up as a young lady. I am so grateful for the women in my life who took the time to share with me their world. Looking back around the age of 8, all I wanted was the approval of my mother & sisters; and then at 13, when I wanted to figure out who I was through the approval of my peers. Now at 27, I’m working on obtaining my own approval and acceptance and, most importantly, my Creator’s approval.

I hope to do this again with them and show them the true art of photography. I also hope my experiences will one day teach them how to get to the next level in their lives. Growth, Maturity, Wisdom. Until then, these are some of the photos I was able to take of them. I hope they don’t kill me for sharing! lol

sweet kaylo
caption this…
cool kids
The youth of america
peace up

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